High End 2016 Munich

One week from today I head out to Bavaria for the Octoberfest of Audio in München. The High End Show feels like a party, a hi-fi and music bash, filled with people: Shiny happy people.

High End 2013

With 505 exhibitors displaying more than 900 brands, High End 2016 promises to be chock full of hi-fi...

High End 2015

...and fun.

High End 2015

Check out my show reports from High End 2015 and High End 2013 for a taste of what's to come.

DH's picture

Take a listen to the Kii Three (it has to be there, I think) and ask for a pair for review.

CarterB's picture

Which companies are introducing new items (not looking for what but who)? Personally, I think Oppo is overdue for an introduction of something (their 103 blu-ray player is a great Tidal/hi-res streamer).

ctsooner@alumni.ou.edu's picture

I can't wait to read all about what they will be showing. Looks like it will be special. Codex started it all. Thanks