Hegel Music Systems

Hegel is another company that has jumped in head-first to the computer audio pool. Two of their integrated amplifiers offer USB DACs (H70 $1,995 USB DAC Optional and H100 $3,000) and they offer the HD2 USB DAC ($350) and two USB DAC & S/PDIF Converters - HD11 ($1,200 available December), HD20 ($2,000). The system for RMAF consisted of The HD2, HD20, P30 Preamplifier ($7,500) and the H20 Power Amplifier ($5,750). Hegel chose the Totem Hawk Loudspeakers to give voice their system.

While I was in the room we got to A/B an unusual, at least to me, flip and flop - the single DAC v. the double DAC. Or the stacked DAC. Or maybe the double stacked DAC? In any event, we listened through the HD2/HD20 combo, then just the HD20, and back again and it seemed apparent to me that the double DACs provided more resolution—a cleaner, clearer view into the music. I can think of any number of reasons why this might be the case but I'd rather wait and see when I get more time listening with fresher ears.