The Halloween Music Mix: Electric Adolescence

I’m afraid of most things, but Halloween doesn’t scare me. Some women I know make witches seem like fairies. Some men around me make the undead seem deep; they live to make money yet their lives are so cheap. In this world real villains were unwanted children. If you want to see zombies just go to a club. The pale-faced and soulless creatures there don’t notice that Hell is just sex with no prospect of love.

–Scott Eastlick

Far from the safe confines of the sort of Halloween mixes that include party favorites like “The Monster Mash,” this selection of brooding mood music, blood curdling soundscapes, and satanic audio excerpts is intended to terrify you. Not for the faint of heart.

Track list

  • Alfred Hitchcock Introduction
  • Lady Gaga - Monster
  • The Haxan Cloak – Consumed
  • Raime - Do I Stutter? (Excerpt)
  • Syko Sain – Confessions (Outro)
  • Aubrey – Xenia, Ohio
  • Coil – Blood From the Air
  • Roter Rot – Get Away Dark Side
  • Forward Music Quartet – The Right of Blood of Bone
  • What’s Lurking in the Wardrobe? (Story)
  • Haleek Maul – 88
  • Jarboe with Kris Force – Little Girls
  • Marcelo Zarvos – Halloween at the Academy
  • Excerpt from Satanic Black Mass
  • The Chromatics – Shining Violence (Reprise)
  • Drew Hill – Show Grave
  • A.W.o.L – Dark Dreams
  • Men’s Recovery Project – They Found a Body Down By the River
  • Obama Meets Dania – Don’t Be Afraid
  • Bernard Szajner – The Big Scare
  • Electric Adolescence – Tuesday Knight Nightmare On Elm Street Song Cut With an Obscure Eighties Rap Track Also About Nightmare on Elm Street
  • Manuel De Sica – The Run of the Death Motorbyke
  • ECTOPL∆SM – Black Rainbow
  • John Murphy (Last House on the Left OST) – John V Krug
  • Nattymari – s0 y0u think y0u can dΔnce (excerpt)
  • Well Well Well - Murderous People

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