Guess What I'm Doing

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your 19th nervous breakdown or maybe you are just listening to the twentieth reissue of same in 768/32 PCM or DAD 1024.

Lately I am bit afraid to guess. Don't ask, don't tell is my policy on this one unless I change my mind which I reserve the right to do without notice. I will let you and the world know on my dimwitter account.

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Or Bacch 3D in barn!

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Sitting with Abe Lincoln and telling him how he should have moved his head?

I think Bacch 3D is correct.

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You are preparing to make videos just like the car guys do. You have a choice you can be Road Kill or be road kill.

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A hearing test with airplanes or birds flying by?? Or just gettin' funky, eh?

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(My first post, after reading for years)

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Capitan Kirk?

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Electrostatic speakers perhaps??

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way out

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Singing Sweet Child O' Mine?

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Maybe releasing the pressure on your tailbone because that chair is a bit hard? You should get the Pelikan chair with sheepskin, it's awesome.

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Otherwise, I wouldn't own it.


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The trouble is, I could be banned for being rude or crude which is most troubling since I do not really intend to be....., but the most obvious thing is "The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind", i.e. a couple of big farts! More likely, there is a microphone and there is some pseudo tuning going on but that may just be to remove some seatbound resonances. Trouble is, a few days have gone by and still no big smelly......

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you are watching 'Cool Runnings' with the audio running through a pair of Shure SE535s.

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this is what happens when a truly captivating listening session leaves you unable to move. finally, like an astronaut on a mission for great music, you let it go in your pants.