GTT Audio Presents the New YG Sonja XV Flagship Speaker System

Bill Parish of GTT Audio (left) and Dick Diamond of YG Acoustics

Each time I see GTT Audio's Bill Parish at a hi-fi show, we make the same joke along the lines of "We live less than 20 miles from each other, yet I only see you in ______ (fill in the blank (Denver, Vegas, etc.). When I received an invite from YG Acoustics Director of Sales & Marketing Dick Diamond to the Sonja XV press event at Bill's place, I said "Sure!"

The Sonja XV is Yoav Geva's latest creation and YG's flagship speaker system. One of the XV's highlights is the new YG BilletDome ultra-low-distortion tweeter that is machined from aluminum billet and weighs a mere 30 milligrams. Think soft yet hard. Every bit of a YG speaker is made in-house at the YG facility in Arvada, Colorado.

In total, there are 20 drivers per pair of speakers and each 'precision-machined aircraft-grade aluminum alloy cabinet' stands at 5' 8". Each channel, main speaker + bass cabinet, weighs in at 463 lbs so can forget about loading a pair into your Prius, but your pickup may (check your specs) be able to handle their 1.3 ton payload. Of course I'm joking because every pair of Sonja XV will be delivered to their owner, a service that's included in the $265,900 price (per pair).

The system I heard, which left the Kronos Pro Limited Edition turntable silent1, included the Audionet DNC Streaming DAC, Audionet Pre G2 Linestage, and two pairs of Audionet MAX Mono Amplifiers. I was surprised to see another familiar face in the rack; the totaldac d1-digital server/reclocker, whose purpose here is to send the Audionet DAC a cleaner digital stream (it's also a surprise to see gear at a dealer event that the dealer doesn't sell). Roon was the player of choice and an iPad served as our remote control. All cabling was Kubala-Sosna Research Elation!.

The main listening room is on the huge side of size, it's smallest dimension being the 12' ceilings. This is also a purpose-built room whose dimensions increase as you go from front to back to help scare away unwanted sonic ghosts. Even though the listening area in the barn is about the same size, the listening room at GTT felt like a room whereas the barn feels more like...a barn.

a smaller listening room featuring the Bruno Putzeys' designed Kii speakers

The sound. As I hope you can imagine, was big, bold, and unrestrained. Big band brass sections sounded like big band brass sections without the tiniest hint of compression. I would go so far as to say the only real restrictions I heard were limited to one's use of the volume control.

another listening room at GTT which is much larger than this photo

After Bill Parish went through a number of tracks to show off the systems many strengths, he handed me the iPad remote. "Really?" I asked. Up first was Jimi Hendrix's "Voodoo Chile" a rip from the Japanese import CD (highly recommended) followed by Duke Ellington ("Autumn Leaves" from Indigos featuring Ozzie Bailey on superb vocals), Nina Simone's "Srange Fruit", Coltrane's "Naima", Mal Waldron's "Warm Canto", Fritz Hauser, Rickie Lee Jones ("My Funny Valentine"), The Prisonaires, Tom Waits, and what would have been PJ Harvey's "Wang Dang Doodle", "I could do this all day" I shared with Bill and Dick, when we took a break.

It's nice to get out. It's nice to hear other systems. While today's rig dips heavily into the 1%'s pockets, I enjoyed hearing my music through it. I want to thank Dick Diamond for the invite and Bill Parish for hosting this event.

les's picture

I would also enjoy reading an informal review of your new DeVore Fidelity speakers. In what ways do they connect you to your music better than the old Nines?

I can imagine you have now reached a certain happy plateau, with your fairly new setup.

DH's picture

Would love to get a review, or even a listening session impression.
AFAIK, they've only been reviewed once by a European site, who basically wrote that they were the best thing they'd ever heard....

It's not like they are widely available, so I'd love to read a few more reviews before I start to think I should make an effort to audition them myself.

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Sounds like with such a resolving system and room, you missed your reference DAC.