GTT Audio

Sometimes you have to travel to get close to something from home. GTT Audio's Bill Parish lives within a few miles of our home but we hadn't met until Denver. Go figure. Room 535 featured the YG Acoustics Anat III Pro Signature Loudspeakers ($119,000), Tenore Audio 350M Mono Amplifiers ($100,000/pair), Tenor Audio Line 1/Power 1 Linestage ($75,000) and Kubala Sosna Emotion cables throughout. During my visit we listened to music streaming through the Bryston BDP-1 ($2,500).

When people entered the GTT Audio room I sensed a change in demeanor—it was as if they were entering a performance. Now it could have been due to the low lighting or the music being played but I think it also had something to do with the sound of the music being played.

During my RMAF trip I learned that Yoav Geva (the YG in YG) is a second generation audiophile, just like me. And one of the things I learned from my father the audiophile was to pay attention to the music. That seems fairly obvious, almost a given, but it isn't. People do a lot of talking at hi-fi shows and a lot of that talking is about what the hi-fi is doing. The whole point of better quality hi-fi is to allow us to talk about what the musicians are doing and this was the kind of performance I heard in the GTT Audio Room. It was all about the music being played which is what we should expect from any hi-fi no matter the price of admission.