Grimm Audio LS1s (trendspotting)

I was first made aware of Dutch company Grimm Audio by Jared Sacks of Channel Classics Records who uses the Grimm AD1 on many of his wonderful DSD recordings. At the Munich show, Grimm was lighting up their room with the LS1s loudspeakers (€25,000/pair) which also house a DAC, preamp, amplifier, and subwoofer. So all you need to complete your computer audio system is a server and some music. The LS1s also have an analog input, which gets converted to digital prior to being amplified, so you can add a turntable if you so desire and there's also onboard DSP for equalization, crossover filtering, and time alignment for the two drivers (1” Seas dome tweeter and 8" Seas Excel bass-mid driver). The internal DAC can handle up to 24/192 and the 180W Class D Hypex NCore amplifier section designed by Bruno Putzeys of Mola Mola resides in one of the speaker's legs.

the LS1s wired remote volume control

The left and right speakers are configured in a master/slave configuration and are connected to each other via Ethernet cable and you connect your digital source to the LS1s via S/PDIF. The LS1s sounded "Nice, delicate, with great clarity, and were nimble but not too quick" according to my notes and you can count me impressed.

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I think you meant Dutch instead of Danish, see

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I just corrected that, thanks.