Grimm Audio LS1be

Grimm Audio whose hands, knowledge, experience, and products reach deep into the pro audio world, continue to improve their active (NCore-based) LS1 speakers. The new LS1be three-way (€36000/pair, incl VAT) add a new custom beryllium tweeter manufactured by SEAS, upgraded electronics, new cabinet material, and a digitally controlled motion feedback controlled woofer. The LS1be's price also includes the USB controller and all cabling for a plug and play solution (the DAC, DSP, and amps reside in one of its legs).

My notes read, "Very solid image, finely detailed and nuanced with a great sense of the space of the recording." I'm just guessing but that last bit, "great sense of the space of the recording" may be due to the fact that the people at Grimm spend a lot of time on the recording side so they know from whence they design.