Greatest Bits Network Players & Streamers

Class A

Ayre Acoustics QX-5 Twenty Digital Hub, $8,950.00
"If you are on the lookout for a one-box solution for all of your digital needs and don't want to think about anything other than music, I'd recommend placing the Ayre QX-5 Twenty on your must-hear list." Read the Full Review
Bel Canto REFStream Asynchronous Ethernet Renderer, $2,495.00
The REFStream lit my musical fire. "Its way with music delivers a lovely sense of ease combined with great attention to detail all wrapped up in a nearly super-natural sense of space. Class A all the way." Read the Full Review
Bryston BDP-2 DAC, $2,995.00
The Bryston BDP-2 offered excellent performance all around with especially taut and deep bass response. It made for a fine pairing with the Auralic Vega or Bryston's own BDA-2. "With excellent dynamic snap, astoundingly full and fit bass, and plenty of resolution revealing of the most your recordings have to offer, Bryston's dynamic duo pack a lot of musical punch." Read the Full Review
The Musica Pristina Virtuoso Network DAC, $16,497.00
"The Virtuoso network DAC is a perfectionist product that focuses on musical performance. The Roon Ready feature of the Virtuoso network DAC ensures ease of setup and function with a first-class software and software remote control. The superb sound quality of the Virtuoso Network DAC places it in the special category of audiophile DACs that possess liquidity and a natural richness in the reproduction of music." Read the Full Review
Naim SuperUniti All In One Player, $6,495.00
The Naim SuperUniti impressed with what it can do combing a network player, DAC, integrated amp, and headphone amp and how it does it (all). "From a wonderful sense of control, to gobs of dynamic slam, to a lovely way with CD and better quality recordings, I can recommend the SuperUniti without reservation for anyone looking for a one box solution for their listening pleasure." Read the Full Review
Playback Designs Syrah Server $6,500.00
The Playback Designs Sonoma Series consisting of the Syrah Server, Merlot DAC, and OpBox modification of the Oppo BDP-103 Blu-ray disc player proved to be among the finest sounding systems Steven Plaskin has experienced. The Syrah Server was a snap to set up and worked flawlessly with the Merlot DAC that was controlled by JRemote (JRiver Media) iPad app or Android app. A wonderful sounding system that supports up to 24/384 kHz, DSD64, DSD128, and DSD256, especially for those that wish to avoid the hassle of setting up a computer. See the Full Review
Primare NP30, $3,750.00
The Primare NP30 delivers what you'd expect of a network player including the ability to stream from your NAS, USB storage, Internet Radio, streaming services, and adds Bluetooth for a user-friendly package. And it sounds good: "I very much enjoyed my time with the Primare NP30 network player and found it be very natural sounding and very easy to listen to for as long as time allowed." Read the Full Review
Sonore Signature Series Rendu, $2,895.00
The Sonore Signature Series Rendu is a no fuss, no muss network player that delivers sonic performance on par with any player I've reviewed. "I love, love, love the idea of getting my MacBook out of my hi-fi. The Sonore Signature Series Rendu offers up as good a case for doing so as I've encountered so far." Read the Full Review
Sonore microRendu, $640.00 w/o power supply
The Sonore microRendu captured my heart and ears. "If you own a USB DAC and want to play network-attached music through it, the Sonore microRendu is currently the best option I've come across—regardless of price."Read the Full Review
Sonore microRendu, $640.00 w/o power supply
The microRendu is a tiny computer that has been designed to offer USB DACs an optimum link to their computer or NAS libraries via an Ethernet connection.

Steven Plaskin felt that the microRendu elicited the best sound he has heard from his MSB Analog DAC particularly when the microRendu was powered by the Sonore Signature Power Supply. Read the Full Review

totaldac d1-integral-headphone music server/DAC, 8400euros incl VAT
"Combining a totaldac with Roon/Tidal HiFi is not only wonderful in theory, it is wonderful in practice. For those looking for a one-box solution for serving their preamp or amp streaming music, the d1-integral-headphone music server/DAC is one very appealing product if you like your music served up with a heavy dose of humanity." Read the Full Review
Class B

Auralic Aries, $1,599.00
With its ability to stream up to double rate DSD over WiFi, play music from NAS-based sources, USB hard drive, Internet radio, and lossless streaming services including Qobuz and WiMP, the Aualic Aries is "one compelling package". Read the Full Review
ELAC Discovery Series DS-S101-G Music Server, $1,599.00
"If I was just starting out, I'd also be thinking—Wow, I can get the Discovery, attach a USB drive to it, plug it into my hi-fi, and play music." The Discovery may be all most music lovers need. Read the Full Review
Pioneer Elite N-50 Network Audio Player, $699.00
The Pioneer Elite N-50 offers a lot of features and performance for your hard-earned buck. The N-50 is a UPnP/DLNA Network Player so you can stream from your Network Attached Storage or Hard Drive via Ethernet or Wi-Fi or Airplay and it also includes an asynchronous USB DAC so you can connect your computer and stream away. "There's a world of music out there, waiting, and the Pioneer N-50 can bring it all back home". Read the Full Review
Simaudio Moon MiND Network Music Streamer, $1,300.00
The Moon MiND takes your computer out of the file-based playback chain and it does so very musically. "For people looking to take their computer out of their computer audio, the Moon MiND should be considered a serious contender." Read the Full Review
T+A MP 1260 R DAC/Network Client, $4,200.00
The T+A MP 1260 R is one solid performer and its user-selectable filters let you tailor the sound to your source and to your liking. Since I reivewed the T+A, the remote app has been finalized and I got to see it in action and its what I hoped it would be—fun and functional. "I find the T+A MR 1260 R's way with music rock solid and satisfying." Read the Full Review
Class C

Auralic Aries MINI, $549.00
The Auralic Aries Mini delivers tons of useful features including handling just about any file format and resolution you care to throw at it including up to 384kHz PCM and DSD256, the ability to play from network attached storage, USB storage, Tidal and Qobuz streaming, Bluetooth and AirPlay, and you can even add an internal drive turning the Mini streamer into a server. There are user-selectable filter modes and a very nicely done, and constantly improving, app for iOS devices, "I'd call the Auralic Aries Mini a big deal." Read the Full Review
Bluesound Node 2, $499.00
The Bluesound Node 2 is a very nice package all around bringing your NAS-based music, USB stored music, streaming services, and Internet Radio, to your Hi-Fi via it's very good-sounding analog outs or S/PDIF outs. The Bluesound products are also multiroom ready. "The fact that the Node 2 makes all of this music sound rich, full, and fun and costs $499 is icing on top of a dreamy cake." Read the Full Review
Bluesound The Vault
Bluesound PowerNode
Bluesound Node
Logitech Squeezebox Touch
Lumin Network Music Player