Greatest Bits Media Servers

Class A

Antipodes Reference Series DX Music Server, $6,500.00
The Antipodes DX Server served up music in a most infectious manner clearly bettering my MacBook Pro by leaps and bounds. "If you are looking to get the most out of your file-based playback including streaming from services like Tidal, I'd recommend putting the Antipodes DX on your A-list of servers to audition. " Read the Full Review
Antipodes DS Music Server, $2,700.00
Like its big brother, the Antipodes DS Server provides the foundation for a deeper musical experience by delivering a cleaner signal to your DAC of choice. "If having an in-built CD ripper and/or DAC to boot is part of your server wish list, the DS offers a very appealing package." Read the Full Review
Aria Music Server, $6,995.00
The Aria delivered what I'd expect form a high end music server. "Sonically, I found little if anything to fault, the Aria clearly bettering my MacBook Pro in important areas. The Aria app is a pleasure to use and classical music lovers should fall in love with its ability to deliver extended meta data making classifying and finding your music a breeze." Read the Full Review
Aurender N100H Caching Network Streamer, $2,699.00
The Aurender N100H checked off most items on my music server shopping list. "If I've been at all successful in describing the sound of my system with the Aurender N100H in it, you should have an idea of whether or not to put one on your audition list. I'd recommend you do." Read the Full Review
Fidelizer Nimitra Computer Audio Server, $1,395.00
The Fidelizer Nimitra Computer Audio Server is a low powered computer with parts chosen for optimum sound quality. It uses a modified Windows 10 Pro operating system that besides being Roon Ready, an HQPlayer NAA device, also has the JPlay Streamer. It employs the Asset Server software for the JPlay Streamer, both a UPnP software. This reviewer was pleased with Nimitra’s sound using Roon, but was most impressed with the sound of the JPlay Streamer. Read the Full Review
Melco N1A, $1,999.00
I was wowed by the Melco's price/performance ration. "In my experience, its price-performance one-two punch makes it hard to beat." Read the Full Review
PS Audio DirectStream Memory Player, $5,999.00
The PS Audio DirectStream memory Player was found to be a first-class disc player that could handle multiple formats. When used with the I2S through HDMI outputs and connected to a PS Audio DAC, CD and SACD sound quality were found to be outstanding. Read the Full Review
Sonore Signature Series Rendu, $2,895.00
The Sonore Signature Series Rendu is another very worthy music server contender, "I love, love, love the idea of getting my MacBook out of my hi-fi. The Sonore Signature Series Rendu offers up as good a case for doing so as I've encountered so far." Read the Full Review
Sound Galleries SGM 2015 Music Server, $16,000.00
The Sound Galleries SGM 2015 Music Server elevated the sound of music through my system to heretofore unimagined highs. Read the Full Review
Class B

Aurender X100L, $3,499.00
"The Aurender X100L incorporates many of the features and performance of its bigger and more expensive brother the S10. While you don't get the S10's last word in resolution and flow, you do get an additional 4TB of storage and a server that handily outperforms a Mac laptop." Read the Full Review
SOtM sMS-1000SQ Music Server, $3,000.00 and SOtM sPS-1000 Audiophile Linear Power Supply $1,000.00
The SOtM sMS-1000SQ Music Server hands off a very musical signal to your DAC of choice. When coupled with the matching sMS-1000 LPS, the combo ups the musicality ante, "To sum up, the sMS-1000S/sPS-1000 combo delivers musical performance that easily surpasses my MacBook Pro running Roon." Read the Full Review

Aurender S10 Music Server
SOtM sMS-1000U Music Server