Greatest Bits Integrated Amp/DACs

Class A

Devialet 120, $6,495.00
The Devialet 120 sounds as good as it looks, maybe even better. "The Devialet 120 appears to have inherited the lion's share of the D-Premier's genetics delivering a hugely compelling sound picture as finely detailed as you're likely to hear while also providing rich musical warmth all in a package that's very easy to love." Read the Full Review

Class B

April Music Aura Note Version 2, $2,750.00
Lovely inside and out, the Aura Note v2 also delivers a heavy helping of musical goodness."f CD playback is an important aspect of your listening lifestyle coupled with the ability to play file-based music up to 24/192 and you want the simplicity and convenience of a very good sounding one-box solution all wrapped up in a very attractive and beautifully built package, April Music's Aura Note v2 delivers on all counts." Read the Full Review
Peachtree Audio nova300 Amplifier, $2499.00
Are you in need of a 24/384-, DSD 128- capable DAC, headphone amp, phono amp, and 300wpc amp? And one that makes you dance and smile? Give the nova300 a listen. Read the Full Review

Class C

PS Audio Sprout, $499.00
The PS Audio Sprout looks good, sounds good, and it can deliver tunes from your LPs, from file-based sources via USB, and streaming via Bluetooth. "I say bravo Scott McGowan and PS Audio for delivering a well-designed, attractive, and good-sounding chunk of the hi-fi puzzle." Read the Full Review
Sony UDA-1, $799.00
I was very impressed with the sound quality of the little Sony UDA-1. "If you're a Mac user and can live with using Sony's app for playing back DSD files, as well as its relatively low output power, you may very well live happily ever after." Read the Full Review
Teac AI-301DA, $549.99
If you're looking for an all-in-one solution for amplification, 24/192 and DSD (5.6MHz) playback via USB, analog and S/PDIF inputs, Bluetooth, and a headphone amp, look at the Teac AI-301DA. "Just add speakers and you've got yourself a wonderfully musical making simple system. " Read the Full Review
Bluesound PowerNode
Peachtree Audio Grand Integrated X-1 Amplifier