Greatest Bits Desktop Speakers

Class A

Dynaudio Excite X14A, $2,000.00/pair
The Dynaudio Excite X14A delivered some of the finest desktop sound I've yet experienced. "If you spend real time at your desk and you enjoy listening to music, lots of music, and you value the quality of its reproduction, the Dynaudio X14A's deliver as much of everything as I've heard from an active speaker." Read the Full Review
Dynaudio XEO 4, $2,100/pair, Xeo Hub $299.00
The Dynaudio Xeo 4's coupled with the Hub can accept up to 24/96 data via USB as well offering additional digital and analog inputs. They also sound room-fillingly wonderful. "The Xeo 4s strike me being very well suited, and in a league pretty much all their own, to people looking for a real wireless Hi-Fi solution that only asks you to provide a source." Read the Full Review
Dynaudio XEO 2, $1,599.00/pair
"While you can get more and better sound from separates, especially if you spend more money than the Xeo 2's, my feeling is these speakers will appeal to people looking for a simple one-stop desktop solution, sans most wires, who also want good sound. If that sounds like you, give 'em a listen." Read the Full Review
Focal Professional Solo6 Be, $1,350.00/each
The Focal Solo6 Be are big, bold, and beautiful. Rated at 40Hz - 40kHz with a 150W rms, BASH® amp for the midbass/bass driver and a 100W rms class A/B amp for the treble, these bad boys max out at 113dB SPL (peak @ 1m). So yea, they work really well as nearfield desktop earth movers. If you can fit 'em and afford 'em, you'll want to try 'em. Read the Full Review
Fujitsu Ten Eclipse TD-M1 Wireless Speaker System, $1,300.00/pair
The stunningly transparent TD-M1's include a 24/192-capable DAC and are AirPlay compatible. With USB Type-A/B inputs and a 3.5mm analog input, they are also ready to attach to multiple devices. "What's more, and more remarkable as well as being highly useful, is they sound equally engaging even at whisper levels." Read the Full Review

Class B

ADAM Professional Audio A3X, $329.00/each
My sneaking suspicion paid off. The ADAM ARTists 3's sound captivated me, especially their X-ART (eXtended Accelerating Ribbon Technology) tweeter but I felt the paired down functionality (and price) of the A3Xs would float my boat better. And they did. Just add DAC and you have a desktop that'll drive you to musical distraction. The ADAM A3Xs have joined my permanent collection and they entertain me daily. Read the Full Review
Audioengine HD6, $749.00/pair
I found the HD6's to be really easy to listen to and really easy to like. "While the Audioengine HD6's worked perfectly wonderfully on my desktop, if you're also going to ask your desktop speakers to do double-time in-room, the HD6's are bouncing out of their seat, waving their hand, and shouting 'Pick me!, Pick me!'" Read the Full Review
Focal Professional CMS 40, $425/each
The CMS 40s offered up a nice, clean, and clear full-bodied sound. "Combined with a very pleasant and natural-sounding amount of detail, resolution, and dynamic slam, the CMS 40s deliver your music so you can inspect it, enjoy it, or both." Read the Full Review
Tannoy Reveal 402, $280.00/ea.
If you like your music fit and fun, the Tannoy's deliver big time. "If you're looking for active desktop speakers in the Tannoy's price range, I would highly recommend adding the Reveal 402s to your shortest of lists. At their price they strike me as a veritable steal." Read the Full Review

Class C

Audioengine 5+ (A5+) Premium Powered Speakers, $399.00/pair in Satin Black or Hi-Gloss White, $469.00/pair Solid Carbonized Bamboo
Four hundred bucks buys you a lot of musical enjoyment with the Audioengine 5+. Well made (I dig the Bamboo) and they come with everything you need to get going. You can always add a DAC at some point if you want to add to your musical enjoyment. Read the Full Review
Focal Alpha 50, $299/each
If you're looking for big sound for your relatively small desktop, the Focal Alpha 50s provide with punch and power. "If you are looking for a desktop speaker in the $600 range and you want them to fill your space with rock solid near full range sound, the Focal Alpha 50s deliver." Read the Full Review
PSB Alpha PS1 Powered Speaker, $299/pair
The PSB Alpha PS1 powered desktop speakers deliver some crisp, clear, and clean musical mojo. They sound fun and fit on their own and even better when you add your DAC-of-choice. Read the Full Review