Genelec G Series

This picture tells most of story (except the most important part) from the Genelec room. They hosted a wonderful demo where each of the four active speakers from their G-Series, the company's first "consumer range" destined for the home as opposed to the recording studio, plus their biggest brother 8260A ($5,639/each) were played for a few minutes and the sound went from good to bigger (right to left). I was actually surprised by how well the tiniest of the Genelec active speakers, the G One filled this large room. But as we went up in size, things got more and more involving and deeper (from a rated 73Hz in the G One all the way down to 45Hz in the G Four to 29Hz for the 8260A).

The G Series, whose industrial design was provided by Finnish designer Harri Koskinen, is built on Genelec's 8000 Series which has been on the market since 2004. Unlike their Pro counterparts, the G Series feature RCA inputs as well as XLRs for the larger G Three and G Four. The cabinets are made from recycled aluminum and come in black and white. Pricing information escaped me but if I find it I will update this post.

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I love my Genelecs and would love to add more to my home. 

Only impediment is price, hope these are somewhat lower than the pro models. 

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Do your Genelecs exhibit any hissing?