The GamuT Lobster Chair!

I popped into the GamuT room even though they were only spinning vinyl. After listening and enjoying the system, GamuT's President Michael Vamos directed my attention to something I'd missed; the GamuT Lobster Chair ($4990). "Damn, that's so cool!" I said. "Sit in it" Michael suggested. I did and it is, in fact, womb-like in its comfort. There's a matching ottoman as well. Hmm. "You'll have to review our new DAC when its ready", Michael shared. "I need to review this chair!" that's me to which Michael responded, "We send you the chair, we'll never get it back."
The Lobster Chair, designed and manufactured by GamuT’s main share holder – Kvist Industries. In close collaboration with Kvist, GamuT has changed the damping material and surface of the Lobster Chair, to accommodate special acoustic dampening material, resulting in an extremely effective sound treatment, while maintaining the Lobster Chair’s breathtaking beautiful design and comfort.
We're not talking about another good looking, comfortable chair that makes your system sound worse by placing detrimental sounding crap directly behind your head. Bravo!

photo credit: GamuT

Available with Red or Black acoustical headrest fabric.

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