OK here's a more realistic music-sized piece of storage from G-Technology by Hitachi.
At CES, we will launch the new G-RAID with Thunderbolt. At 8TB it is the highest capacity, two-drive, RAID 0 external storage device in the world and has the fastest interface you can find with data transfer rates up to 10 Gbps. This drive has set a new standard for storage speed, backed by Intel and already named a 2012 CES Innovations Award Honoree. Thunderbolt is going to be everyone soon and G-Technology by Hitachi is leading the charge.
The 6TB G-RAID drive is currently $699.99 so figure the new 8TB version will be more (about $200 more?). G-RAID also comes in small (2TB - $299.99) and medium (4TB - $499.99).