Download(s) of the Week: Forced Nostalgia

Sibelius Spiders by Sermonizer

Do you like dark? I'm of the opinion that the dark allows us to better appreciate the light. And vice versa. Belgium's Forced Nostalgia, the label, is dedicated to re-releasing some of the darkest industrial analog synth-driven underground music from the 70s through the 90s most of which originally appeared as very limited cassette releases. Now, through the free jukebox that is the internet, you can listen to most of the wonderful releases from Forced Nostalgia on their Bandcamp page and you can download entire albums for free (or whatever you'd like to pay for them) in CD-quality FLAC format.

Fishbones And Wishbones by Pelican Daughters is a favorite

Get Fishbones And Wishbones by Pelican Daughters here, Sibelius Spiders by Sermonizer here, and Watercolours / Peripheral Vision by Vazz here. All of 'em free (or whatever you'd like to pay).

Whisper Not by Vazz

I also highly recommend checking out their non-free releases a number of which made Boomkat's Top 100 Reissues / Archival 2012 list.