Fidelio Recordings Offers DSD Downloads

A day after posting, "Now we need more content providers to step up to the plate giving us access to a wider selection of DSD downloads. I'd say it's only a matter of time.", this message greeted me in my Inbox:
We would like to welcome Fidelio Recordings to DSDFile.

First release is the classical masterpiece From The New World.

OK so it's one recording joining the list of DSD download sites but we have to start somewhere. From The New World - Musiques Du Nouveau Monde features the works of Anton Dvorak, Arturo Marquez, and Canadian composer John Estacio performed by the Youth Orchestra of the Americas led by Jean-Pascal Hamelin.
...Includes the memorable classical pieces: Symphony No. 9 in E Minor, Danzon No.2 and Bootlegger's Tarantella. Recorded using the special XtractHD process which relies mainly on the fact that a computer is not a musical instrument. By getting rid of most computer processes and external hash, Fidelio gets one step closer to the real recording session, restoring stereo spread and spatial positioning, as well as preserving hall characteristics and the timbre of each instrument.
You can download From The New World from for $17.99 or directly from Fidelio for 35.00$CA in DSD or DXD (24/352.8kHz).

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