Fidelio Audio

I'd like to say that Montreal-based Fidelio Audio is an audiophile record label but these days I think we're better off saying that Fidelio Audio is a specialist record company that cares about the quality of their recordings. Or as they say on their website,
Fidelio is a young dynamic company specializing in quality acoustic recording. We aim to promote local and international talent in classical and jazz music.
Our efforts are focussed to promote the essential in all sound recordings: the music.

Fidelio had a room where you could sit, relax and listen to their music as well as a booth out in the hall where you could buy it. Fidelio offers their music on CD, SACD, high definition WAV files up to 24/176 delivered on USB key (no downloads), as well as 24/352.8kHz DXD also delivered via USB key.

The first DXD release from Fidelio is From The New World, Musiques Du Nouveau Monde / Dvorak, Marquez, Estacio performed by the Youth Orchestra of the Americas conducted by Jean-Pascal Hamelin. and it's available from their website for 40.00$CA.