Fern & Roby: A thing of beauty...

Why not begin our RMAF 2016 show coverage with a turntable. After all, it's all about the music, right?

Wrong. It's all about the experience, and part of that experience is visual. Whether or not this is relevant is decided on a case-by-case basis. In my case, it is O-so-relevant, as is the experience of listening to records, yer basic LP.

Fern & Roby are industrial designers who also make audio gear. We are looking at their Montrose turntable ($4,950.00), a beautiful amalgam of Richlite and brass, that comes with a Denon 103R cartridge (cool) attached to a Unipivot tonearm or the optional Schröder CB tonearm by Thrax (much, much cooler).

Our turntable couples a traditional synchronous AC motor with modern digital speed control techniques including real-time measurements of the platter speed, with an optical sensor feedback to control the platter speed and make micro adjustments as needed.
...digital speed controller, thus the AudioStream connection (wink).

Fern & Roby were showing in the Voxativ room, who have shown with totaldac as digital source in the past, which is always a favorite stop regardless of source.

Fetuso's picture

I totally agree with you on the visual alure of hifi gear, especially turntables. I recently stumbled upon an ebay seller from germany that restores Thorens tables and they are gorgeous works of art. I'd love to buy one just on looks alone.

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Buy it now before it goes up to 20,000 bucks!