The Fall Music Mix

The Fall Mix

This is the second of what will be four seasonal mixes by Scott Eastlick that will be gracing the pages of AudioStream on a solstice-type schedule. We started with the Summertime Music Mix late because Eastlick hadn’t joined AudioStream as a contributor by June 21st of this year, but now we’re back with The Fall Mix (following quickly on the heels of his outstanding Prince mix a few weeks ago), and there will be a Winter Mix, Spring Mix and then back to the glorious warmth that is Summer.

We hope you enjoy The Fall Mix and feel free to talk about the songs you love to listen to and think represents Fall in your life in the comments section.

– Rafe Arnott

The transition from summer to fall can be a disheartening one. It seems to happen slowly and instantly all at once. Just as our clothing moves from t-shirts to sweaters, and our food from barbecues to simmering pots, our music tastes are inclined to follow suit. The more inclusive and lighthearted fare that played well at beach parties and poolsides now seem conspicuously out of place.

The sound of autumn is more introspective, with sounds that play like musical earth tones and feel less like cotton and more like wool. The transition from summer may be disheartening, but it can feel great once you arrive and allow yourself to embrace the fall.

– Scott Eastlick

Song listing

  • Vakula - For Jim
  • Jac Berrocal, David French - Rock 'n Roll Station
  • Carla Dal Forno - Clusters
  • Fever Ray - Keep the Streets Empty For Me
  • Loma - Black Willow
  • King Krule - Czech One
  • Young Echo - Never
  • Blue Daisy feat. Lizbet Sempa - Mermaids
  • Tara Jane O'Neil - The Signal, Left
  • Perfume Genius - Every Night
  • Excavate - A Kind of Place
  • Julian Cope - Las Vegas Basement
  • Mazzy Starr - Look On Down From the Bridge
  • This Mortal Coil - Help Me Lift You Up
  • Chromatics - Shining Violence (Reprise)
  • Excerpt from “The Wire”
  • Gui Boratto - Godet
  • Spacemen 3 - Let Me Down Gently
  • Le Loup - Howl
  • Neu! - Weissensee
  • Bohren & Der Club of Gore - Midnight Black Earth
  • Onyx Collective -  Fruit Stand
  • Larry Clinton - Deep Purple (Reprise)
  • Pat Boone - September Song
  • Chet Baker - I Get Along Without You Very Well

torturegarden's picture

Pretty good mix, however the song that the player identifies as Bohren & Der Club of Gore's Midnight Black Earth sounds exactly like Miles Davis's He Loved Him Madly.