Extreme Audiophiles

And you thought power cables and conditioners were extreme ;-)

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That's awesome. I recently installed a Shunyata outlet and my wife thought I was nuts. Can't wait to show her this video.

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personal transformer on that personal pole has an unobtainium core with high purity silver windings (hand wound of course) and feeds into the house with six nines copper wire and ......

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One billion dollars.

You can play your entire collection of two ERC LP's and they will sound marvelous.

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but the guy in the small apartment needs to see a shrink

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... I was thinking - if you have to move the couch to get into the fridge that could bring some health benefits too!

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LOL!!! i've definitely skipped a meal or two to go to a show or buy a record, so maybe i shouldn't throw stones.

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Generating your own power is nothing new. Many mastering houses like Bob Ludwig's Gateway in Maine uses huge power cells to create it's own ac.

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A buddy of mine has solar feeding a bank of batteries. Off grid.

It sounds so good, it's like listening at night, but during the day!

His boxes of ammo make great substitutes for Shakti Stones.

(The solar/battery part is true.)

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This seems less extreme than spending 10K on grounding boxes.