Exemplar Audio

John Tucker at Exemplar Audio offers his own ground-up products like the eXception 4 input 24/192 tubed DAC ($4,000), eXception SE Line stage ($4,250), and eXception Integrated amplifier ($4,950) on display in his room shared with Eficon who showed their Eficon F300 Speakers ($18,100 in white, $16,900 in black). He also modifies gear and here we see his Expo T105 ($4,750) which is obviously a modified Oppo 105.

John Tucker says, "If you haven't heard a DAC or player that comes off the DAC chip into a tube stage then you haven't heard what digital is capable of." Luckily I already have because I spent most of time in John's room talking to him and David Robinson of Positive Feedback Online.