Enjoying Hi-Fi 101: Lesson 1. Enjoy It!

If someone tells you that you need to take a test, any kind of test, before buying a piece of hi-fi gear, they are wrong. Listening to music is fun and we all know how to have fun.

Stay tuned for Lesson 2 where we talk about why it's important to care about more than sound.

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I can't hear content above 16,400 in one ear and 16,200 in another which is typical given my age.

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You're hearing is fine and enough to enjoy music.

There is no scientific test that can be a better judge of your music enjoyment than your ear/brain. There is no test as yet that can validly and reliably tell you if you can hear differences between HiFi Equipment.

Blinded test comparisons are hotly argued to do that but AFAIK lack the scientific credentials (as yet)to do the job for complex perceptions like music. Many will dispute that and/or conveniently ignore that.

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I agree with you here and elsewhere ;-)
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I agree that enjoyment of the hobby and the music is the goal.

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Buying a piece of audio stuff, without listening to it before purchase has nothing to do with fun.
Listening, even without comparing, is a kind of test.
So, you'll do test.
Double blind testing was not invented to compare, let' s say amplifiers. It is extremely well established in drug testing. No one would solely relie on laboratory values. The mere opinion of a highly nobel prize laureat, who has watched the pharmacological effects of a certain drug- wanted or unwanted - ( by the way, there are no "side effects") is absolutely useless, if a pharma company wants to sell a drug to the public. FDA doesn't allow this anyway. But of course, thats not the fun departement.
Listening to music should be the funny part of the hobby.
Double blind test weren't developed for end consumer decision making.
They are for professionals. And I expect an explanation from a professional why he/she thinks, that simple unstandarized sighted listening is superior as a base for buying recommendations to help amateurs to spend their money reasonably.
Imagine: first you want to explore the world, foreign countrys, people, landscapes, cultures etc. And than you end up, studying car magazines and read tire comparisons. This is not even a far perspective on fun.

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I’ve diligently studied your very educational posts and find more rigorous research is needed on my part. To that end, I’ve begun a triple-double blind analysis (with cheese and mayo on the side) of Audiostream’s Hawthorne Effect. Plackett-Burman-type factors have been employed to ensure exclusion of skewed results and outlier skewers from the grill. I’ve spent months(!) calculating the pivotal quantity (of ketchup). In the process, confounding data has been selected out of phase, in regard to multimodal distribution and multivariate variables and multiplication tables (multiple times). Indeed, joint distribution and joint probability have joint in RMAF under the direction of Dr. Sativa-Indica, of course. Needless to say, since you began posting these, dare I say, REVOLUTIONARY lessons and I began to statistically model your given parameters, I haven’t had a minute to listen to music. Keep up the good work!

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Brilliant! You've hit the nails on their arse! Less listening, less fun, more analysis! More Sativa-Indica!

Pip pip.