Emerald Physics

Emerald Physics was showing a complete system for $4,995 (+ freight) comprised of the Emerald Physics CS3 open baffle speakers, REL T1 powered subwoofer, the new Wyred 4 Sound M-INT (mini integrated amp/DAC), and a Marantz CD-5004 CD Player used as transport. For my way of thinking, I'd skip the CDs and add a turntable for a future-ready system.

I also must admit I enjoy the system approach since that's what we all listen to in the end and I'm perpetually amazed at some people's ability to ascribe the sounds they hear to the component that most interests them in systems in rooms that are unfamiliar playing music they've never heard before.

The Emerald Physics system delivered a lot of sound for the money and the included outboard digital electronic crossover allows you to dial-in your room by dialing out its sonic anomalies. Nice. If you're wondering about that Wyred 4 Sound M-INT, lets move next door where I got to meet the guys from Wyred 4 Sound and got a close-up look at that M-INT.