ELAC Tranforms Audio Alchemy

the Audio Alchemy DDP-1 Digital Decoding Preamp / DAC / Headphone Amp ($1995)

On the "Wow, that's news!" front, Germany-based ELAC has acquired Peter Madnick's Audio Alchemy "along with key engineers". Wow, that's news!

The reason that's news to me is ELAC has been on a roll, delivering Andrew Jones' design loudspeakers that take price/performance to intimating new levels. I hope that we get to see and hear the same from Peter Madnick with his new ELAC creations.

The system included all Audio Alchemy electronics and the not-Andrew-Jones' designed ELAC Reference FS 507 VX-JET loudspeakers ($10,000) and they made beautiful music together. ELAC's (and our) future looks bright.