ELAC is on Fire!

ELAC is on fire. The Discovery Music Server DS-101 ($999) not only includes a limited (limited to the ELAC ecosystem) subscription to Roon but ELAC have added multi-room functionality to the Roon app allowing you to synchronously group (or un-group) and control multiple ELAC devices from one app (max number of 8 zones). The Discovery Roon app will run on iOS, Android, Windows and OSX. The Discovery Server offers Ethernet and USB for USB storage inputs, 2x RCA analog outputs (independent zones), Coax S/PDIF and Toslink out.

The ELAC Debut Series Integrated Amplifier DA101EQ ($499) delivers 100Watt-per-channel, DSP for room EQ (automatic room correction), a 24/192-capable DAC (2x Toslink, 1x Coax S/PDIF, and 1x USB inputs), 2 analog inputs, Bluetooth, and iOS and Android control via the ELAC app.

The ELAC app

But wait, there's more....

That's the Discovery Series Wireless Speaker module that turns the "man, that's just crazy! (see report) ELAC Debut speakers into active, ELAC app-ready streaming speakers. That's right, the Speaker module equipped Debut B5 speakers (target $499/pair) no longer need an amp or source. I'd call that nifty.