Eclipse TD-M1

In the On A Higher Note room, Philip O'Hanlon had a special treat in store (Philip always does). "I'm going to play you the quietest demo you've ever heard." Philip proudly stated. And he proceeded to do just that by playing lovely music at an absurdly low but completely lovely-sounding level through the Eclipse TD-M1 active wireless speakers ($1,300). The TD-M1s are single driver speakers with an integrated NOS DAC that can handle up to 24/192 data and includes AirPlay compatibility, an asynchronous USB input, 3.5mm analog Aux input, and a USB Type-A input. Philip was feeding the TD-M1s with music from an iPad and the sound was in a word completely captivating.

Eclipse TD is a joint-venture of Fujitsu, Toyota & Nippon Denso who set out to build the best speakers their nearly unlimited resources could offer. Review samples will be on their way shortly.