Dynaudio Xeo 2!

Bam! The new Dynaudio Xeo 2 ($1599/pair) are wireless active speakers that also house a 24/192-capable DAC and you connect to them via Toslink, Bluetooth, or add an analog component via the RCA inputs or 3.5mm jack. There's a 3-position EQ switch for tailoring the output to placement (Neutral, Wall, Corner) and touch sensitive controls up top for power, source select, Bluetooth pairing, and volume control. And they come in colors (eventually).

The Xeo 2s have composite bodies, which have a nice rubbery feel, and an extruded aluminum baffle. Currently they are shipping in Black and White. Colors are TBD but I'd put Red way up on my wish list. Each driver, 14cm woofer and 27mm soft dome tweeter, gets its own 65W amp and the company claims these little puppies are flat to 40Hz. The Xeo 2s are wall mountable and there are optional desktop stands ($250/pair).

The Xeo 2s can also be assigned one of three zones for multi-room listening and they come with a remote for source selection, volume control, power, and mute.

The Xeo 2s are shipping now (in Black & White) and I expect a pair to show up in-barn shortly.

Red, please.

The Red Dragon

I'll also mention that I got to play a bunch of my "fun" tracks, The Birthday Party "Release The Bats", The Gun Club's "She's Like Heroin To Me", and Sturgill Simspon's countrified cover of When in Rome's "The Promise" (no really, it works) on the Xeo 2s courtesy of Mike Manousselis, Marketing Director, Dynaudio North America, and we ended up having a blast along with John Darko, aka Digital Audio Review, sharing music, stories, and laughter.