Dynaudio XEO Wireless Active Speakers

Those looking for Big News from CES, whet your appetite with the Dynaudio XEO 3 compact monitor ($2,300 w/transmitter and remote) and XEO 5 floor standing ($4,500 w/transmitter and remote) wireless active speakers. The XEO's 2.4 GHz transmitter and receiver create their own network so they are truly plug in and play. The XEO's also have an internal DAC which can handle up to 24-bit/48kHz over their wireless connection. There are four inputs including a pair of analog RCAs, Toslink, mini USB and stereo mini jack. There's also a remote that controls volume and source. Dynaudio claims, "one Transmitter can send the signal up to 50 meters, or up to 100 meters in spaces without any boundaries" and you can connect up to three pairs of XEOs using one transmitter.

According to the Dynaudio literature, frequency response for the XEO 3 is 48Hz – 22kHz and the XEO 5 takes that down to 36Hz. The XEOs come in white or black piano lacquer.

With the XEO's resolution limit at 24/48, I expect Dynaudio is looking to promote convenience and ultimate sonic performance over the ability to play back high definition music. Trend Spotting #3 - My guess is we'll be seeing more high quality active speakers with built-in DACs that can handle 24-bit/96kHz and higher in our not-too-distant future which is looking brighter and simpler every day.

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While I have to admit that my personal preference is rather old fashioned (horns or big big speakers with tubes and vinyl), wireless active speakers with built in dacs sound pretty exciting.