DSD-Ready DACs

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You are using wrong/old Mytek 192 DSD pictures...wink

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Thanks for pointing that out (and I even saw and photographed the actual Mytek DAC at RMAF)! 

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Isn't the price of the Playback Designs Music Playback System 3 $6,500?  That's a figure Jonathan Tinn gave me just a couple weeks ago.  The 5 is about $13,000.

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The DAC's on the list are capable of DSD playback over USB.

What about the EmmLabs/Meitner gear ? I know that they are not capable of DSD over USB, but they accept DSD over coax (BNC) or optical (ST) .

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I had included the Music Playback System 3 (MPS-3) which is $8,500 but it makes more sense to list the MPD-3 DAC here. Thanks!

I'll check into the Meitner/EMM labs gear.

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Thanks Vincent.

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There is a much better DSD plugin than DSDIFF for Foobar:


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I guess you can add the new Benchmark DAC2-hgc.


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Auralic Vega $3500 (femto clock, 24/384 and DSD64/DSD128)

Korg DSD-DAC10 $695 !!

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Why Esoteric D-03 is on the list? 

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Hi Michael,

Just wanted to let you know that the new Pioneer VSX-1123 ($599) and the Elite VSX-70 also decode DSD files (2.8mhz) from the USB or network inputs.

Chris Walker

Pioneer Electronics

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Thanks for the heads up Chris.

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Add: Yulong DA8

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There is an alpha Mac version of JRiver:


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Update needed with regard to Resonessence Labs Concero HD & HP & Mirus dacs, which all offer DSD.

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Also new Resonessence Labs Herus unveiled today, 384k PCM and double rate DSD, future meridian explorer and dragonfly competitor. Seems to be exactly what we have been waiting for no frills laptop computer audio DSD/DXD DAC.

"During my review of the Resonessence Labs Invicta DAC, I thought, to myself, wouldn't it be interesting if they offered just a DAC? Stripped away all of the additional functionality like the preamp, headphone amp and the front-mounted SD Card Reader and gave us just-a-DAC?" [from Concero (V1) Review]

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I can find very little information on this DAC, not even on their website, and no reviews.  Do you have anything lined up?

Got this from the UK dealer in stock @ £990:
This new DAC reproduces native DSD 2,8 and 5,6 Mbit/sec (also 3.072 and
6,144) and PCM until 384/32 on USB.
No driver need for MAC. Driver available for Windows XP/Vista/7/8. 
The Impulso is equipped with the DAC  flagship ESS Sabre ES9016S that runs until 384kHz-32 bit. 
Digital filters are selectable  from setup for PCM (high, low slope) and DSD.
Phase selectable 0-180 degree. 
This DAC achieves a very low jitter performances with PLL. 
The THD is very low 0,0003%. 
Analog output is available on unbalanced and balanced connectors with true balanced circuit.
Digital input on coax, toslink, USB2.0 
With this new USB input it is also possible to have a future upgrade/update of the firmware inside the USB port.

Cheers gz00

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I can't find any info on their website besides a very brief mention in their News section which is an announcement for the Munich Show. When it shows up the North Star website, I'll have a look.


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what dac is this in reference to? The resonessence labs concero HD is £785ish here in the UK 
(single & double DSD +32/192 PCM)  with the new Sabre 90180K-2M chips

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Apparently their 384khz setting has too much distortion so they are re-working it according to their twitter (below). I think there is a review coming on this dac from audiostream soon.

"FYI we have disabled the 384k mode in the Concero HD/P since there is distortion that is higher than we like. We are looking into it"


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Great list!

How about the non-DoP-devices, like the ones offering non-native DSD through i2s over HDMI:

PS Audio PWD, Wyred 4 Sound DAC2 , Pink Faun Dac 3.32, Pink Faun Dac 2, Audiobyte Hydra-X, Audiobyte Silver Dragon