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Michael Lavorgna
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I recently posted some listening impressions on DSD and will be talking more about this topic in the upcoming review of the Sonore/exD DAC (which can handle native DSD via DoP) and there's another Q&A coming soon that will focus on DSD.

So I thought I'd highlight this quote from the Bruce Brown Q&A since it fits in nicely with our current DSD focus and it may have slipped by the first go around:

"To fully capture the nuances of tape, I feel the only way to do that is into either DSD64fs via a Grimm AD1 or to DSD128fs. That is the closest I’ve heard digital to master tape. That is how good tape can be. It trumps everything else." ~Bruce  Brown, Puget Sound Studios

It's interesting to note that Jared Sacks of Channel Classics Records also uses the Grimm AD1.

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