Download of the Week: Visible Cloaks

Reassemblage, Visible Cloaks' 2nd full-length released on VNG Intl. last month, reminds me of one of William Gibson's worlds. Machine music, computer music, glitchy ambient exotica streaming from the ether of tomorrow, now.

Reassemblage is also damned friendly, downright adorable at times, yet never trite. There's also a clean sheen, a glistening beauty that should not keep us from falling deep inside. And that inside can be cavernous, crystalline, and mysterious.

It can be easy to write off this kind of music as nothing more than an accumulation of sounds. If you don't listen. If you do listen, you may just find space to grow.

Reassemblage is available from Bandcamp. Dip a toe in here:

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may be wrong about the relatively snotty quote but the sentiment stands...he said the English don't really care too much for music but they do enjoy the sounds it makes
Your recommendations always strike me as a similar take on music.