Download of the Week: Trupa Trupa

Trupa Trupa are four mates from Gdansk who make fabulously morbid catchy music.

From the review by Richard Foster in The Quietus:

"You can appreciate, therefore, that they are the sort of act you can become slowly fascinated by, without noticing any prior impetus to do so."
This is exactly what happened to me.

When I browse new music on Tidal, I perform a visual search—looking for images that mate with my musical proclivities. Once drawn in, I next check album title and band name. These day nearly every new record has an explicit language warning so that's no longer much help. When the trifecta hits, I hit play.

Jolly New Songs. What a catchy title. Trupa Trupa, as far as Google translate is concerned, means "band" in Romanian (the first auto-choice) and "troupe" in Polish. All things considered, I'd call the entire package sumptuously sardonic.

I hear more than a hint of Sid Barrett which for me translates into a very good thing and the band, Grzegorz Kwiatkowski, Tomek Pawluczuk, Wojtek Juchniewicz and Rafał Wojczal, know how to spin a dark tale. This isn't "rock", whateverthehell that still means, it is dark, post somethingorother. It's also wonderfully rich music that I become slowly fascinated by.

Give Jolly New Songs a chance to fascinate you. Available from Bandcamp

Listen here:

deckeda's picture

So I’m listening to this in a fairly ridiculous way, via these Bandcamp links on the phone with the volume way down so as to not disturb the house sleepers this morning. Too lazy to even put headphones on yet.

And yet there’s room to grow, to hear it next time. So while it may not seem as if I gave it a chance to fascinate, I did and it does and so I will.

While hearing some of this “chill music vibe,” I’m placed right into the perfect frame to hear A Love Supreme and right then, Love Supreme comes up. My reaction is, “of course, makes perfect sense for them to do this.”

I had to laugh when it was revealed to instead be an original, pretty dirge instead of the Coltrane song.

Not sure if if I’ll go this way or the 2x45RPM LP route yet.