Download of the Week: Tricky

I fell in a groove and I can't get up!

Tricky's debut, Maxinquaye, was released on 20 February 1995 but it fits O-so-perfectly into our recent DotW groove: Funkadelic, The Heliocentrics, Massive Attack (which makes perfect sense seeing as Tricky was part of Massive Attack).

A true classic, Maxinquaye is all slow groove all the time with vocalist Martina Topley-Bird putting the finishing touches over Tricky's seductive menacing musical mysteries: Alt-rock, ambient, hip hop, soul, reggae, noise, and O-so-experimental, Maxinquaye makes me dance inside and out.

Here's Tricky on influence:

"My first lyric ever on a song was 'your eyes resemble mine, you'll see as no others can'. I didn't have any kids then ... so what am I talking about? Who am I talking about? My mother ... used to write poetry but in her time she couldn't have done anything with that, there wasn't any opportunity. It's almost like she killed herself to give me the opportunity, my lyrics. I can never understand why I write as a female, I think I've got my mum's talent, I'm her vehicle. So I need a woman to sing that."
If you listen in to what's being said/sung on Maxinquaye, you'll get a sobering taste of Tricky's "unsentimental grasp on reality". This music bends you if you let it.

You can get the 2-disc-long Deluxe version of Maxinquaye from Tidal or the original album version from Qobuz.

Listen here:

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Might as well add Portishead and Morcheeba.