Download of the Week: Show Me the Body

It's motivational poetry with a message I wholeheartedly endorse (from "Intro"):
I don't give a fuck what you do, just do whatever.
Don't fucking make excuses just do what you know how to do
and don't fucking make excuses, just do it.
I looked around for other choices for this week's DotW but I kept listening to Show Me the Body's Corpus I. Released on Lorna Vista in March, Corpus I is a chameleon-like collection of songs (a "collaborative mixtape"), morphing into the character of the collaborator in question: Eartheater, Dreamcatcher, Denzel Curry, Negashi Armada, Justin Flammia, Mal Devisa, Cities Aviv, Chris Wilson, Pierre Botardo, Skunk Rot, Carlos Theo, Princess Nokia, Chris Skylark, Yo Chill, Moor Mother, Nolife, Babyglock, Tony Seltzer, and Dedekind Cut. It was a search for more music from Moor Mother that led me here.

Badass, beautiful, ugly, frighteningly dance-able, maybe I'm enjoying Corpus I so much for reasons some critics don't like it; it's amorphousness. If I had to pick a favorite track, I'd refuse as I enjoy the entire album taken in as a big gulp.

That being said, there's this:

If you're still with me, you can get Corpus I from Tidal.

Listen here:

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...AudioStream seems to have become somewhat alienating/antagonistic lately. Like this DotW, it's more angry than motivational. I've been a reader since start up and have greatly enjoyed the content but the tone in recent weeks (for me) has taken on a bit of "bunker mentality" rather than the hospitable place it was.

For what it's worth and like I said....maybe it's just me.

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I find myself avoiding AudioStream more and more. The whole feel of the site has changed. I am not going to go into specifics because ultimately I really don't care all that much. It just doesn't feel the same to me anymore. It just seems defensive and hostile more often than not.

I am not going to engage anyone on this and it is just my opinion, but when I saw this post it made me realize that I felt the same way.

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Can you explain what you mean and provide some examples? This is a music recommendation so are you attributing the perceived attitude of the music to me?


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...but I'll give it a go. It's not a music thing. Few of the music recommendations from you & the contributors intersect with my interests; you have much more adventurous tastes than me. But it's music and exposure to new and different is challanging and stimulating...I'm good with that (and listen to most everything mentioned on AudioStream).

It's was just something about your description of Coupus I as:

"It's motivational poetry with a message I wholeheartedly endorse..." essentially followed by "I don't give a fuck what you do...".

That just struck me as oddly ambivilent relative to the general vibe of AudioStream, which I've perceived to be more upbeat, chill, nuanced & professional. Hell if I know...please see the Subject line!!

At any rate, it got me thinking about content lately and what I perceive as somewhat antagonistic/alienating:
The whole MQA back and forth seems to have become contentious & argumentative with little in the way of added value. Most recently the Black Sabbath MQA promo was...funny? a jab at the MQA trinket included in the set? I dunno but not value added. Prior to that, the inference that the new Ayre integrated/DAC would be MQA compatible (at least that's what I inferred) is seemingly at odds with Charlie Hansen's statements on MQA at AA. He seems not to be on-board, so it's hard to imagine him including it on his designs. Maybe I missed something there as well? What's point of tagging MQA to Ayre unless there's merit to it.

The 'Audiophile Dudes' is meant to be...Self-deprecating? Audiophile humor? You dumpin' on JA for regularly referencing 'Hotel California' in his equipment reviews? I'd like for it to be funny but it comes across to me as a lame attempt to 'expose' a segment of hobbyists. Maybe just a touch alienating?

I've probably dug a deeper hole trying to explain my reaction but it's intended to be constructive. Hell if I know...please see the Subject line again.

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The message of the quote at the beginning of this post is, "don't make excuses/just do it". That's a positive message as far as I'm concerned.

I have no issue re. MQA. What I do object to is all of the nonsense that accompanies every post on MQA everywhere. The word at Munich was Ayre will be implementing MQA in a future product(s). I heard this from very reliable sources who wish to remain anonymous. Since I do not read AA, I view that as a sinkhole of negativity, I do not know what Charley has been saying there.

The Black Sabbath post was "News".

Audiophile Dudes was meant to be funny.

From my point of view, you are reading into instead of reading.


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...that last week's DotW was soundtrack music from the films of Jacques Tati so there is some method to my madness ;-)
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"Do not be ever thinking of yourself and forgetting that there are others; for you have no karma of your own, but the karma of each one is the karma of all." - Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

"But if we are all united as a physical and psychical fact, then the act of condemning, the fact of resistance, the insistance upon rights on all occasions - all of which means the entire lack of charity and mercy - will bring consequences as certain as the rising of the sun tomorrow.

What are those consequences, and why are they?

They are simply this, that the real man, the entity, the thinker, will react back on you just exactly in proportion to the way you act to him, and this reaction will be in another life, if not now, and even if now felt will still return in the next life.

The fact that the person whom you condemn, or oppose, or judge seems now in this life to deserve it for his acts in this life, does not alter the other fact that his nature will react against you when the time comes. The reaction is a law not subject to nor altered by any sentiment on your part. He may have, truly, offended you and even hurt you, and done that which in the eye of man is blameworthy, but all this does not have anything to do with the dynamic fact that if you arouse his enmity by your condemnation or judgment there will be a reaction on you, and consequently on the whole of society in any century when the reaction takes place.


In respect to man, karma has no existence without two or more persons being considered. You act, another person is affected, karma follows. It follows on the thought of each and not on the act, for the other person is moved to thought by your act. Here are two sorts of karma, yours and his, and both are intermixed. There is the karma or effect on you of your own thought and act, the result on you of the other person's thought; and there is the karma on or with the other person consisting of the direct result of your act and his thoughts engendered by your act and thought. This is all permanent. As affecting you there may be various effects. If you have condemned, for instance, we may mention some: (a) the increased tendency in yourself to indulge in condemnation, which will remain and increase from life to life; (b) this will at last in you change into violence and all that anger and condemnation may naturally lead to; (c) an opposition to you is set up in the other person, which will remain forever until one day both suffer for it, and this may be in a tendency in the other person in any subsequent life to do you harm and hurt you in the million ways possible in life, and often also unconsciously. Thus it may all widen out and affect the whole body of society. Hence no matter how justifiable it may seem to you to condemn or denounce or punish another, you set up cause for sorrow in the whole race that must work out some day. And you must feel it." ( )

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From William Q. Judge Theosophical Articles, Vol. II.

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I was rightly picked up on something I wrote a while ago when I wrote about someone who was negative about someone else's favorite recordings and that I was admonished was correct. I should have held my tongue. Obviously one persons humor does not necessarily translate to anyone else but nevertheless there are norms. I understand that my looking at the site and assessing its interest, subjects me to being opinionated. So I am. I actually could care less about the Eagles music. I can enjoy it or ignore it; its not on constant rotation. It was asserted that it was my interpretation of the video was wrong, Maybe true. If that wasn't the message then what was? Others have asserted that it was humorous. Didn't see that then and I have tried hard to see that since I was admonished. It still isn't humorous and regardless of the pushback and the assertion that the problem is the recipient. I believe that the participants have enough nous to actually do something humorous so don't be put off by my critique. The video was crap but better may come from it.

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You think the video was crap. Correct.

I hope you understand the difference.

Greyfossil's picture

My failing perhaps, but really that Is not important. Continued appreciation is important as is mutual respect. Maybe not though as it's your site so mutual respect is an allusion. I'm done on this though for that reason. I hope I have been respectful though.

Michael Lavorgna's picture being respectful? I'd hate to see what disrespectful looks like ;-)
Greyfossil's picture

Its your site - you can do and say what you want. The rest of us are really just voyeurs who had previously respected and appreciated your opinions and insights. Like others I have looked at your musical recommendations and the favorite tracks features to learn more from others so that I could expand my musical horizons. Obviously, as I appreciate in retrospect, your video is wonderful and deserves wider exposure so that humans that are more discerning than me can appreciate it. Every now and again, one makes a mistake, as I did with my comment.

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Everyone can say what they want here. However, people should keep in mind that they are commenting on other people's work - imagine if someone came up to you in your workplace and said "That is crap" about something you just completed.

I know this kind of language/behavior is common on the internet but I don't care for it. Since I am the editor, I can enforce this point of view.

While I may suffer from being too harsh in my responses at times, my intent is to make this place civil. So please accept my apologies as well if I've offended you.


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Is Jackson Browne crap?

I love Klipsch La Scalas, I know they are crap, but it's a good kind of crap. They are awesome crap.

"The Audiophile Dudes" is absolutely killer crap! It's looking into a mirror and laughing at what you see kind of crap! It's eating a cake with no hands kinda crap! It's fun crap! I think we don't give crap enough credit.

Audiophile Dudes may actually not even be crap. "The power supplies have power supplies" is actually some funny shit!

So, keep up the crap work! >-l (That's a martini glass, by the way, I have crap keyboard skills.)

It's crap world, and it's the best one I know.

Michael Lavorgna's picture
Saying is something is crap, ain't saying shit.
Anton's picture


"Hey, Buddha, that's a crap sand mandala."

"Yeah, but not for long, so I enjoy it now. I hope my crap mandala inspires you to make a great mandala."

Illigitimi non corborundum, amigo.

Michael Lavorgna's picture

Pas tout est une blague

Nicht alles ist ein Witz

ليس كل شيء مزحة

Anton's picture

This ain't no party

This ain't no disco

This ain't no foolin' around

No time for dancing, or lovey dovey,

I ain't got time for that now.

Anyway, there is a great book about the seriousness of things...

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I've been reading Stereophile and Fremer's Analogplanet for a few years now, and, while I appreciate the gear reviews, I've always found the music to be a tad on the conventional side. This never bothered me, but equipment reviews have rarely sent me out hunting for records. That is, until I stumbled onto this digital only site, wherein Mr. Lavorgna not only has wonderful ears but exciting taste in music. Here, I don't give a shit about the equipment I collect records and cds), I'm interested in the musical opinions. I appreciate the sincerity (or, conversely, the biting irony) when reading about the less than conventional music that I think many of us are actually seeking out and listening to at home. It feels similar to when I get together with my best friends (none of whom, btw, give one shit about playback fidelity, but all of whom are obsessed with rock'n'roll specifically and music generally). We verbalize our latest finds, play it, argue, verbalize lists, shit on those lists, and learn about music we'd've otherwise never heard.

For example, the recent DotW Double Nickels on the Dime is a hardcore favorite. I live in Long Beach, so Mike Watt is still god here. The Saccharine Trust guys still blend wonky jazz saxophone with crushing guitar riffs and old testament fear. An ex girlfriend once told me to turn them off, that they elicited anger in her body. Rock'n'roll is an esoterically directed folk music. When it soars it does via the lines of outsider-ness. Lux Interior is a vocal and lyrical savant, Poison Ivy an aesthetic director and critic.

How is one to talk about these incredibly original and gut-punching records in a conventional vernacular? The records are, to varying degrees, a hostile act. Writing about them -- even in the forum of the recommendation -- cannot but react to the magic of that hostility. If this bothers anyone, remember that you still have your Eagles. But I fucking hate the Eagles, man.

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It's You, man. The act of recommending is itself a hostile act (sorry for the lack of grammatical parallelism). Consider that the recommender has a captive audience and is telling them listen, you, now. Similarly, if you are in the Eagles were the-soaring-heights-of-rock'n'roll camp, any recommendation claiming otherwise might as well be described as a micro-aggression. For real.

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I wonder if you would like them. We shared a rehearsal space with them for several years. Used to take a 1 ton square sheet of steel and heat it with an acetylene torch until it was white hot: then dump dry ice on it. (Only the best squealing feedback). They lit the Kennel Klub on fire. Awesome. Junkyard drum kits & straight jackets galore.

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Reminds me of the 90's filtered through the lens of the last 20 years.

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...but I don't feel the angst anymore.

I was a founding member of my hometown's (Belleville, IL, largest county seat in Illinois south of Chicago, home of Jimmy Connors, Stag Beer and Uncle Tupelo) first-ever punk band (ask Jeff Tweedy and Jay Farrar, they know me) Max Load. That was almost 40 years ago.

I'm done busting shit up. Gimme a pizza and get off my lawn.

Anton's picture

Sounds a lot like Pawnee, Indiana!

Has Detlef Schrempf ever visited?