Download of the Week: Richard Dawson

Peasant, released in June 2017, is a free(ing), lovely, wild romp through the Dark Ages à la Richard Dawson.

Dawson seasons all of his music with a special sauce that tastes like a touch of madness, a flavor related to one employed by the late, great Don Van Vliet (Captain Beefheart) and the music of Adolf Wölfli. On Peasant, Dawson sweetens the pot by adding children's choir, flutes, horns, and percussive jolt to an unusually welcoming folk trolly.

Here's Dawson on Peasant from a Quietus interview

"I was thinking of it like a tapestry or a painting that might go around a whole room, thinking about Pieter Breughel the Elder, particularly, who would cover the different stratas of a community from people out in the sticks who had nothing, to people more in a city or town with more possessions and more power. Rather than approach it as individual songs first, it was to see how the whole painting would fit together."
Dawson's visual sense comes through, at least in my mind, like a wild array of colors painting a beautiful, if sordid, picture.


Peasant is available from Bleep.

Listen here:

BradleyP's picture

After the short stint on Hogan's Heroes and all those years kissing thousands of women on Family Feud, I'm pleased to see Dawson take up a career making unhinged music videos. ;-)