Download of the Week: Orchestra Baobab

"West Africa’s most iconic dance-band". Sunnier days. I first found Orchestra Baobab through their 2015 release Pirates Choice. Digging that, and digging back into their catalog, Bamba (Sterns, 1993) rung my bell the mostest. This is beautiful soulful dance music that makes me want to close my eyes and imagine other sunnier climes.

This is 'pop' music, Senegalese pop music, and it bubbles with life making me wish the needlessly restrictive "World Music" category would be killed off and replaced with "Our Music". Yea. I'm a dreamer.

The Orchestra Baobab are tight, loose, and masterful. Any lover of soul should find a warm comfy home in Bamba.

Get Bamba from Bandcamp.

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Bamba is one of my favourite 1980s albums. (Thanks to Andy Kershaw's BBC Radio show for introducing me to it, and so much else.) Great, joyful music. Their 2002 release, Specialist in All Styles is very good also.

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Michael, appreciate your enthusiasm for such a wide range of music while also covering the technical angle. You've pointed me and many others to music they may have otherwise overlooked. Thumbs up. I also dig BandCamp, though this link points to Boomkat ; )