Download of the Week: NON BaNd

Have you ever been driving and listening to the radio when a song comes on that you knew you needed to hear but had never heard before? I love it when that happens.

I typically don't drive often, working from barn and all, but the other day I was driving down route 287 listening to WFMU (=a great radio station I've been enjoying the crap out of for decades), and Liz Berg spun "Solar" from NON BaNd's self-titled debut album, originally released as a limited edition 10" in 1982 on Telegraph Records, and my ear/brain/body mechanism shimmered with delight (from within).

"Solar" was what I craved even though I didn't know it. Thankfully, Liz Berg did (that's one of the things I love about DJs). NON BaNd was Non (bass, guitar, vocals), Mitsuru Tamagaki (drums, percussion), Chiko (mini-keyboard), and 山岸騏之介 (violin, clarinet, mandolin). Yea, their music sounds like that only better.

Think James Chance & The Contortions with more class, more Japan, and less boozy bad singing and bad sax playing bravado (I love James Chance & The Contortions). 山岸騏之介 rocks hard on violin, clarinet, and mandolin filling out Non Band's sound with acoustic colors and thoughts of jazz while Non's vocals make me smile, hard. NON BaNd does not sound like 1980s like James Change does. To me. That could very well be because I've been listening to James Chance since the '80s whereas I've been listening to NON BaNd since a few days ago.

By the graces of all that is goodness, NON BaNd was just reissued by TAL (April 7, 2017) and is available from the label's Bandcamp page.

Listen here:

torturegarden's picture

Absolutely brilliant! I'm already on my third listen. Thanks for recommending this, they appear to have a couple live releases according to Discogs that I need to track down. They fit in with the best of the 80s No Wave scene and I need more, much more. It's posts like this that keep me coming back every Friday. Thanks again.