Download of the Week: Nisennenmondai

N' released March of this year on Bijin Record is an hour's worth of nonstop motorific danceOliscious action. Yuri Zaikawa bass, Sayaka Himeno drums, and Masako Takada guitar make music that defies their respective instruments, sounding more like samples of Bauhaus meets krautrock stretched out and put on nearly endless repeat. Nice.

I've been listening to Nisennenmondai, which means Y2K bug, for years but it was only until my friend Stephen Mejias recently asked, "Do you know this?" about Diamanda Galas and John Paul Jones' The Sporting Life (I didn't - have to get it) and Peter Brötzmann's 14 Love Poems (I did) that made me think about and miss Nisennenmondai.

So I bought N' from their Bandcamp page and am living with and loving listening to it on nearly endless repeat. Nicer.

merzbeak's picture

love this band, really gets you in to a hypnotic state when listening.

oh, and thank the music gods for bandcamp! I remember when the import section at tower or mail-order was the only way to get this type of music, and much more expensively as well.