Download of the Week: Maggie Rogers

There are at least two things I love about Maggie Rogers; her music and the way I came to know about her music. That way was through my friend Rafe Arnott who has recently become a full-time audiophile as Part-Time Audiophile's Editor at Large.

Rafe shared Rogers' 2014 album Blood Ballet which I slowly fell for, listening time and again only to find her singing to me in my sleep, hearing her voice and words in my head when I wake (I love when that happens). Blood Ballet is decidedly folk music with a strong whiff of country but what's more important is the singularity of her sound. I hear a depth of soul.

Now That The Light Is Fading, released by Capitol Records February 17/17, showed up on "What's New" on Tidal (in Roon) and I was listening and loving it in seconds (I love that, too). Some of the folk has been put aside and Rogers' has mostly moved out of the country but that voice, that rich searching songbird, is singing as sweetly as ever.

While a digital download of the EP is available from Maggie Rogers' website, it is, alas, an MP3. You can get the 16/44.1 FLAC download from Tidal.