Download of the Week: Lucrecia Dalt

Here's another re-recommendation that originated from Stephen Mejias. Lucrecia Dalt's Commotus released on Human Ear Music in 2012 is her second record and its filled with ideas, rhythms, sounds, melodies, smokey and sultry stuff, with Lucretia's lovely vocals hovering near the surface all fragile-like and haunting. I've listened to Commotus on nearly infinite repeat and it just gets deeper with each listen.

“Commotus is a Latin word which means 'agitated', 'moved'. As far as the music goes, my motivation comes from the necessity to create specific sensations, moods and from there sometimes pictures or a specific situation.” - Lucrecia Dalt
Lucretia Dalt's main instrument is bass guitar, her home is Spain, and in between these two facts lies an ocean of sound possibilities. And while its deep, there are enough hooks to keep you afloat. Lovely.

You can buy Lucrecia Dalt's Commotus in beautiful 24-bit (44.1kHz) including bonus remixes by Gudrun Gut, Ekkehard Ehlers, Jason Grier, :papercutz, Woebot, XHGC, and Los Amparito from HEMArchiv.

Give the track "Turmoil" a taste:

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Every week you post these great albums to download or, for me at least, buy the vinyl. Between these suggestions, and the stuff I have on my own radar, I can't keep up. I've purchased ~15 new albums this week alone. This madness must end, so could you please recommend stuff I don't like? Thanks muchly.

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Excellent. What better form of madness?


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I don't know if this is warrated or not but I feel an irritation when these guys want to charge more for a higher res download.  Everything is recorded at higher res anyway and it's no cost to them to offer it this way, I feel they are just putting the screws to us because they can.  It reminds me of when CDs came out.  It was suddenly 15-18 for a CD where it used to cost about 9 for a tape or LP.  I could understand it at first maybe it was new technology but a few years down the line it was actually cheaper to produce a CD than a tape but did they lower the price? 

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Michael, If there's a volume control on that audio player, it's not evident, and the volume is very loud.  Do I really need to to tell you that an increasing number of us have computer dacs without a volume control, and have to rely on websites to provide one.  And, hopefully, set the default so it's not real loud to start. 

Follow up: Just discovered (guessed!) that clicking the Soundcloud icon in the lower right corner gets to a page where volume can be controlled.  Even there, the control is set so that the lowest volume is loud.  That's another problem encountered at a lot of websites: there's not enough low end range on the volume slider, plus a mouse is not a very fine instrument for dealing with what little there is.  With the emergence of the computer audio market, website designers need to pay more attention to how users interact with ther sites.  In my experience, some dacs (e.g., microStreamer, Ciunas) put out a lot more than others (Dragonfly, MyDac).  Dac designers are also not particularly sensitive to this issue, as I discovered trying to discuss it with Kevin Halverson of HRT.  It's not fun to get blasted several times a day, and always have to look for the the page's volume control first.

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But why not set your System Volume level to a lower setting then adjust up if you're generally finding things too loud?

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Thank you Michael, I bought the 24 bit Flac with remixes, great music, their was only one track I couldn't cope with the Ekkehard Ehlers remix of 'Conversa'.

I can't listen to repetiative monotomous electronic drums, it is like someone hammering a nail into your scull, so not musical, it is so out of context with this music, I have had to delete it.

Thanks again, I must check out her other albums.