Download of the Week: Le Butcherettes

Attitude. I love me some attitude and vocalist/guitarist Teri Gender Bender, aka Teresa Suárez, of Le Butcherettes has tons on tap. Cry Is For The Flies is their second LP (Nadie Sound) and is fairly simple, straight-ahead guitar and vocal driven garage punk and while I can hear other voices referenced, like early PJ Harvey and Karen O, there's enough Teri Gender Bender here to make this stand very well and stiff on its own. The rest of the band includes Lia Braswell on drums, Omar Rodríguez-López on bass and production, and a keyboardist and horn players who remain uncredited as far as I can find (I'd love some liner notes!) and all together they serve up some rich, pulse-pounding intensity.

Henry Rollins, audiophile of Black Flag fame, steps in for a spoken word interlude on guilt, a brief respite from the sonic onslaught, like sorbet served between rich crushing courses (funny thought, that). Since you can listen to the entire record below, I feel there's not a heck of a lot more I need to add except to share that I've listened to Cry Is For The Flies a whole bunch of times and it just gets better and nastier with age and some songs stick in my head long after the listening is over, "Your weakness gives me life (repeat)". Nice.

Le Butcherettes' Cry Is For The Flies is available in CD-quality FLAC format directly from the Nadie Sound Bandcamp website.