Download of the Week: LCD Soundsystem

While LCD Soundsystems' American Dream hardly needs more praise, I have to say I've been enjoying the bejesus out of it since its release on September 1st. American Dream wears its influences on its sleeve and in so doing it touches things already inside my musical head with a fresh delight. Lovely.

I will also say that previous works from Mr. Murphy, the last, This Is Happening, released way back in 2010, kept me at a bit of a distance with a perceived wise-assness that made the music feel like it was wearing a veneer. American Dream, while still wise, feels more vulnerable.

David Bowie, Suicide, Talking Heads, Lou Reed, Leonard Cohen, and more inform the songs but American Dream sounds like a finely crafted album of O-so-originals. Electro-punk-funk that makes me move.

You can get American Dream from HDtracks in 24/96 (Tidal sells a CD-quality FLAC download for more than the high-rez).

Listen here: