Download of the Week: Lawrence English

A big thank you to my friend and colleague Stephen Mejias for the heads up on this O-so-fascinating collection of field recordings from Lawrence English.
Field recordings hold a special place in my heart - part active listening, part hunting, part happy accident, part polaroid, part archive - though wholly personal. No two recordings made in the same place at the same time will be identical and therein lies the beauty of the work. Similar to photography or portraiture, the artist selects the frame and what to prioritize, within that frame (either in pre or post production). These choices ultimately help shape the ways in which the listener can come to and understand the sounds.
Songs of the Living and And the Lived In are two records-worth of found sounds from around Lawrence English's and our (disappearing) world and he's made them available for free. Yes, for free.

Songs of the Living is comprised of sounds from "non-human living creatures" where And the Lived In is "focused on environmental spaces and 'social' field recordings." Most tracks are just a few minutes long and I find their varied voices and places fascinating to listen to.

The FLAC download includes a 39-page PDF with photos from some of places English shares in sound.

I hope that Songs of the Living and Lived In offers some engaging listening and encourages you to step outside with ears wide open."
You can download your free copy of Songs of the Living and Lived In from ROOM40.