Download of the Week: Laurel Halo

Laurel Halo's Quarantine was The Wire magazine's number 1 album from 2012. While there's not much need to say more in terms of a recommendation, Quarantine took me some time to cozy up to. Its sound is so foreign, sounding perfectly extraterrestrial or if you prefer its as if you woke up within a William Gibson novel, it took me a few listens to sink comfortably into the rather uncomfortable landscapes that Laurel Halo paints. Now, listening to Quarantine is a special trip with each listen.

From an interview in The Quietus:

"The record's not meant for everyone, it's not a pop record in the slightest so I think people expecting that would be disappointed by the vocal tone and production approach. To me the bleak and raw was key, and I think people that have been heartbroken maybe get the record more."
Who hasn't been?

You can download Laurel Halo's Quarantine in FLAC or WAV format from Bleep or in FLAC from Boomkat.

Here's the last track, "Light + Space", from Quarantine which is a bit of a sonic reprieve from what precedes it (and its quiet lovely):

For a different flavor of Halo, try on her new EP, Behind The Green Door from Hyperdub which is purely beat driven sans vocals (and sexy).

Here's the track "Throw":

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