Download of the Week: Larkin Grimm

I like to listen to the artist whenever possible. Here's Larkin Grimm on her recent release Chasing an Illusion:
The love generated by this record is dedicated to Ornette Coleman, who taught me to play without fear, and to The Divine Yogini Turiyasangitananda, AKA Alice Coltrane, who taught me to heal the deepest pain of loss through music. May the light of truth overcome all darkness.
These words tell me so much more than any words any critic could possibly pen, what with their self-importance sometimes overtaking the importance of the thing they're supposed to be writing about (I hate that).

To clarify, the Download of the Week column is not a review. It is an appreciation. Seeing as anyone with an internet connection can listen to just about any music of their choosing for free, the role of the critic has morphed from taste-maker to guide. I never liked the taste-maker role anyway so this was good news and a guide is so much the grand scheme of things.

I've been enjoying Larkin Grimm's beautiful strength and singular voice since I first heard and then bought her Time Is A Spiral #02 10" back in 2007. Grimm interrupted her studies at Yale to explore Alaska and when combined with her upbringing within the Holy Order of MANS and record store owning parents, I can feel, through her music, a life lived deeply which necessarily includes some suffering. Which makes the musical joy and ease of singing on Chasing an Illusion all the more sweet. This record makes me happy and happy for her.

I was listening to the lovely Remembering Mountains compilation because I was listening to Lee Ranaldo's new record, Electric Trim, which features Sharon Van Etten on a track and I wanted to hear more of her voice so when Larkin Grimm's track "For The Love I'm In" came on on Remembering Mountains I wondered, "I wonder if Larkin Grimm has a new record?" So I searched Tidal and here we are.1

Chasing an Illusion is a beautiful record. Get it from Bandcamp.

Listen here:

1. Some people say they don't like streaming. They say this because they're not doing it right.