Download of the Week: King Midas Sound

Kind Midas Sound's 2009 album Waiting For You... was a highlight of that year for me. Slow, sexy, and deeply rooted in the grime and grit of Kevin Martin's sound, Waiting For You... offered ominous brooding beats and roots-infused soul. I've been waiting for what's next ever since and the trio just released a two-track EP for Record Store Day in advance of a forthcoming album on Ninja Tune that more than hints at some some alt rock hard-core edginess creeping in to take over where their dub-infested sound of old left off. Or to put it another way, Aroo crushes.

Here's what Rob Robinson of KMS has to say about their new sound from an interview in FACT Magazine:

“We’ve jettisoned the 21st century Lovers Rock and we’ve set our sights on where drone melancholy and fuzz blisteringly collide. The sweet voices on Waiting for You... have a hint of bitterness now. One journalists who’d seen some of the live material described it as an apocalyptic “My Bloody Valentine in Dub” I think that goes some way to describe what it’s like.”
I've played this track and watched the associated video more times than I care to admit and "Aroo" still elicits an adrenaline rush each time. That crushing sound wave and pulsing pounding sonic mayhem that hits just after the opening niceties and repeats throughout with Hitomi's vocals going well over the top and Roger Robinson's falsetto reprieve is simply delightful. The B-side's "Funny Love" slows things down to a brooding crawl drenched in Kevin Martin's hazy electronic atmospheres.

Watch "Aroo" right here (seatbelts recommended) and download the two-track EP in FLAC or WAV from or in FLAC from Boomkat.