Download of the Week: Kaleema

"I just found it" or, "What would life be like without Tidal HiFi"?

For those of you who grew up pre-Internet, do you remember the excitement attached to buying new music? I do, and it was a damn near mystical experience. The trek, which meant a couple mile walk to Two Guys (yes, it was uphill both ways), the find, the walk back home, the unwrap, the examination of the always mesmerizing cover/liner notes/lyric sheet/images/extras, and finally the listen. All told, including the discovery process and budget restraints, we're talking months-of-time for a record or two.

The other day I was sitting at my desk in the barn in the wilds of NJ browsing through Tidal's new releases and the cover for Kaleema's Nómada grabbed my eye (I lean heavily toward the visual). Within seconds I was listening and within minutes I was searching Google to see if I could buy Nómada on Bandcamp. I'd probably sampled a few dozen new releases that week, but Nómada stuck. Hard.


I had not heard of Kaleema prior to that first listen but I did note that Nómada was released on Tropical Twista Records, based in São Paulo, Brazil. Thankfully there's still some relevance to where music is made, all of my loving of geographical erasing the Internet performs (sigh) aside. Nómada is sexy, wild, beat-heavy and beautiful:

I love ritual. Don't you? This will tell much more about Kaleema than I ever could:

Get Nómada on Bandcamp.

Listen here:

lastset's picture

I had stumbled across one cut from album. Glad to discover the others.
Music exploration is so much more dynamic in the internet streaming age.

torturegarden's picture

This is so good that I downloaded the label's entire output on Bandcamp. While I love discovering new music on the Internet, I still shop at archaic record stores as well. Thanks again for all the great recommendation here.

Michael Lavorgna's picture
I am very pleased to hear you're enjoying this and others. Let me know if you find any jewels in the rest of the Tropical Twista catalog.


Mr Quiet's picture

Already bookmarked for a longer listen later. I LIKE what I hear.