Download of the Week: Julia Kent

1 : rigor, severity

2  a : roughness of surface : unevenness; also : a tiny projection from a surface
    b : roughness of sound

3 : roughness of manner or of temper : harshness [asked with some asperity just what they were implying]

We first met Julia Kent back in 2013 amid a group of like-minded music. Her latest release, Asperities from October, 2015, continues her tradition of looped cello, electronics, and found sounds but here Kent digs into, shall we say, a more furious sound.

Cello is the main character, the narrator if you will, at times mixing with the deluge, at time rising above: Repetition, sorrow, searing beauty. In terms of pure sound, this record sounds purely heartfelt.

Asperities is available directly from Julia Kent's Bandcamp page. Listen here:

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Michael- I was not familiar with Julia's work. Thanks for the recommendation, as this music is wonderful.

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a motion picture soundtrack. (And it makes my poor speakers sound really Hifi!) Great choice. Thank you!

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Michael - great recommendation; I hear a strong influence of (the great!) Max Richter. Ordered the vinyl LP and immediately downloaded the digital from Bandcamp.

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I love ambient music and cello is one of my favorite instruments, so it's a perfect match !
People who like "motion picture soundtrack" music, and cello, should check out the album 16mm by Jorane ( She is a singer/cellist from Quebec, Canada. No loops or electronics (mostly cello, double bass, drums and some vocals). I find there is a nice "live performance" sound to this recording. Favorite tracks are "Battayum 2", "Film III" and "Work#3".
Her debut album (Vent fou) is also worth checking, although the style is quite different. Some of the songs feature distorted guitars which add a nice contrast.