Download of the Week: Julia Holter

With her last album, Loud City Song (see review), Julia Holter seemed to have stepped up to a level of musical maturity. With her new release, Have You In My Wilderness on Domino, she seems to have been busy building new musical worlds.

Have You In My Wilderness is beautifully layered with strings, synths, and sounds, while Holter's vocals dances on top all lovely, distinct, and character rich. Have You In My Wilderness, when listened to from beginning to end, feels like a very intimate film.

I bought the 24-bit/96kHz download from Bleep because I was thrilled to see it available and also because I want to support Julia Holter so she continues to delight.

Venere 2's picture

I had never heard of her before reading about her here. I watched the video and sampled more of her music from this album. I ended up buying the album in 24 96 wav format from bleep.

I have been listening to this for the last 10 days or so. Very nice!